"Dog Shots" A COVID-19 Safe Pet Photo Session
"Dog Shots" A COVID-19 Safe Pet Photo Session
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"Dog Shots" A COVID-19 Safe Pet Photo Session

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Port Townsend photographer has ruff response to COVID pandemic

Business model goes to the dogs, digitally + NOW "PEOPLE SHOTS   too.

Book-Me from my Zenfolio.com

You may Call me to order a session at: 360-774-2235

Every session is $149.00 which includes 5 professional edits and for the months of Feb+March we will render double the edits. I will even do a professional Watercolor or pencil render for you. All to be printed on a Canvas wrap, Metal print or paper. It's your choice.

Call it a focus on Fido, a mug of Marley, or a shot for Spot. Or even your next web portrait or even a professional Headshot or even a family session.

With COVID lockdowns continuing, Eichen has expanded his photographic repertoire to include virtual photo sittings with the on-location shoots he usually does.

“Now that I’m here and we’re locked down, I decided to create the virtual

photoshoot, where I screen capture from your device your family, your dog, your cat, your fishbowl.”

“Then, with my experience of 30 years of Photoshop, I will edit your chosen image into a beautiful photograph that can be printed to canvas, metal or paper print or cards,” Eichen explained.

“I’m an inventor by nature,” Eichen said. “It’s allowing me to open the door of inventing something new during a time where everything seems to be just dragging.”


Eichen said he’s committed to getting the best possible portrait.

It’s a fur sure thing.

Eichen said he promises to come away with five edited top shots for each client.

And he’ll keep shooting, through retakes if needed, “until we get it right.”

“I’m not being Hollywood with this; I’m being small-town, well I guarantee I’ll make you happy with your shoot.”

“Who would not want to have a guarantee?” Eichen asked.

“You’re paying me to make a piece of art.”

Eichen’s online portfolio and booking website can be seen at https://jeichen.zenfolio.com/. He can be reached at 360-774-2235.